What spa treatment is right for me?

Targeted Treatment Plans for Optimal Results


Athletic Recovery

Whole Body Cryo, Lymphactive PressoTherapy, NanoVI

Immunity boosting, inflammation-reducing Wellness Day

Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy, Whole Body Cryo, Local Cryo, Lymphactive Presso Therapy w NanoVi, Himalayan Salt room (great idea for couples)

Body Contouring

Personalized noninvasive, no recovery Thermo-shock treatment for toning, fat reduction or cellulite reduction (determined after a free consultation and Thermo analysis), Lymphactive presso therapy session, InShape session (recommended 6 sessions) 

Acne Treatment

Celluma Low-Level Light Therapy, Local Cryo therapy (6 sessions recommended)

Anti-Aging Facial

T-Shock Face lift, Celluma Low-level Light Therapy, Local Cryo Facial (6 sessions recommended)

Pain Relief

Thermo Shock Magnesium Pain Relief, Celluma Low-level Light Therapy, Local  Cryotherapy

Breathe Easy/Lung Health

NanoVi, Himalayan Salt room (recommended – 12 sessions)

Stress. Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Treatments

Welnamis binaural acoustic stimulation session (recommended 8 sessions), Red light therapy with Infrared Sauna, Himalayan Salt room

Pelvic Floor/ Incontinence Treatments

In Shape session (recommended 12 sessions)

Circulation/ Edema Issues

Lymphactive presso Therapy Session, WBC