About Us

4 Elements Wellness Center was founded by Silvia Fedorcikova in 2017. She believes that everyone should be able to relax, renew and immerse themselves in an elemental experience that restores them.

Get To Know Us

The lotus blossom represents rebirth and renewal. We use this as our brand’s logo to reflect the impact each one of our services offers you the opportunity to renew yourself and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience. Each petal represents one of the four elements–represented by our services.

Our Mission

To be the premier bespoke supplier of innovative, natural wellness services in the Central Jersey area. As a strong believer in the power of holistic medicine, the creator/owner has taken the core of ancient treatments and married that with the latest in innovative technologies.

The practices and techniques at 4 Elements have been used for hundreds of years in Europe and shown significant success. Services like those at 4 Elements are offered at medical offices, spas and wellness centers all over the world.

Our Vision

With a commitment to positivity, 4 Elements prides itself on treating the body and mind to strengthen the whole person.  An elemental, alchemical approach:  a seemingly magical process of transformation.

Our Core Values

Passion, Integrity, Committed, Open-minded, Innovative, Inspiring, Nurturing

Our Founder

Silvia Fedorcikova was born and raised in Slovakia.  She and her now husband Stan, moved to the US when they were 21. Together, they worked several odd jobs to ensure their ability to get their green cards and become US citizens. Her husband Stan was working as a tile installer. After reaching a level of expertise in this field, he went into business for himself, and Galaxy Tile was born.  

After raising two children, Silvia decided to go back to work and find a career of her own. She started working at the front desk at Massage Envy, and after a short period of time, was promoted to Manager. Eventually, Silvia became the General Manager. Five years later, Silvia joined her husband at Galaxy Tile. Together in 2013, they successfully opened their new showroom in Princeton, New Jersey.

With her busy schedule, she found out how important it is to give back to yourself in order to stay balanced, healthy and energized. Silvia became immersed in the study and practice of alternative medicine and holistic treatments. During a recent visit to Europe, Silvia tried some unique therapies that are not as widespread in the US – but are definitely heading that way. Upon her return, she began exploring how to provide these cutting-edge technologies based in ancient remedies. Although there are places that offer one or the other, none have all in the same place.

Her goal became to create a wellness center, with a relaxing atmosphere, that offered the latest in innovative therapies for the mind and body. Because of her strong beliefs in these therapies, you can be sure of her commitment to the center and to each client who passes through its doors.